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Name:Lydia Martin
Birthdate:Mar 23
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America
Website:beaconhillshigh // teen wolf musebox

Lydia Martin is Beacon Hills High's most popular female student. Lydia at first appears to be a shallow girl, but in reality she is surprisingly caring, especially about her friends, and extremely intelligent, excelling in math and science. She was well aware of Stiles's past feelings for her, but did not reciprocate them. She showed her warm nature by befriending Allison Argent on her first day at school. Her love interest was Jackson Whittemore; whom she stated she was merely dating him due to his high social status, but it was later revealed that she cared more about him than she lett on and maybe even loved him. The two shared a conflicted, but close relationship that ended when Jackson moved to London after the tumultuous time of him becoming the Kanima and then transforming into a werewolf.

Lydia was bitten by The Alpha Peter Hale but neither died nor turned. Instead, she was revealed to be immune. This went against her when Peter Hale used her immunity to come back to life. Lydia began to have visions, imagining pulling out an arm in the bathtub and freaking out she escaped the hospital and ran around in the woods for 2 days. Lydia was thought to be the Kanima, but was later revealed to be Jackson. Lydia eventually faced the Kanima and successfully coaxed it to transform back into Jackson by holding up the house key Jackson had given her when they were together. When Jackson asked if she still loves him, she responded that she did. Once Jackson left, Lydia tried to get over Jackson by sleeping with various guys on a whim. She began working with Stiles in order to figure out the culprit behind mysterious sacrifices going on in the town. It was soon revealed that the cause of her mysterious supernatural abilities stems from the fact that she's actually a Banshee or a wailing woman, a supernatural creature who can foretell death by wailing a warning into the night.

Lydia Martin seems, on the surface at least, to be shallow and bratty but this is an elaborate act. She possesses a genius level IQ, is well versed in chemistry and understands both classical and archaic Latin. She is also one of the most fashionable and popular students at Beacon Hills High School. She hides her intellect in order to retain this social status. Lydia has been shown to be manipulative with her friends, using them when it suits her ambitions.

She is also, like most teenagers, overly sensitive and emotional in matters of the heart. Her relationship with Jackson Whittemore at first seemed to simply be part of her plan to remain popular but she truly loved him. It was her love for Jackson that saved his life, allowing him to change from Kanima to Werewolf. The events with Jackson and his abrupt move to London, England seemed to leave Lydia emotionally numb. She took a number of lovers over the summer and has expressed a "love them and leave them" philosophy. She's entered into a purely physical relationship with Alpha Twin, Aiden. She is aware that he is using her and is willing to use him to advance her friends efforts to defeat The Alpha Pack. However, a spark ignited between them resulting from having to work together for a common cause, and they are now officially dating.

It remains to be seen how the knowledge that she is a Banshee will change her worldview but so far she's expressed a willingness to use her powers to help people.


DISCLAIMER: Lydia Martin is from the TV Show, Teen Wolf. Journal is for RP and muse writing purposes only. No profit is being made, no infringement intended. Lydia and Teen Wolf are the creation of Jeff Davis, and owned by Jeff Davis and TV network, MTV. Lydia is played by Holland Roden. This journal has no affiliation to Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, MTV or Holland Roden.

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